About us

As Sound Sew, based in Wolin, we have been thriving in the sewing industry for 7 years.


This is how we started our business.


under the name Ribelle

Our sewing adventure began in 2014 when we launched our own line of shirts under the name Ribelle.


The birth of the Bella's Bag brand

In 2018, our own project and brand Bella’s Bag was born.

It produces handbags, sachets, backpacks, ecobags and much more.

Taking care of our customers, we add new collections and regularly modify product designs.


The following years and the first collaboration.

In the following years, we undertook a collaboration with a large company to produce headliners, curtains, hammocks and a number of smaller commissions, including sewing pillowcases, tablecloths, medical aprons, sports backpacks and projection screens.


Further development

We are not standing still and we are constantly growing, which is why we are embarking on further collaborations to sew washpapa bags, curtains and tents from 2021.

Our activities

Our business is based on two key pillars, which we are constantly developing.

Professional machine facilities (and, if necessary, cooperation with large cutting companies) and the experience and skills of our staff.

szycie na maszynie w szwalni
szwaczka podczas szycia na maszynie

Indeed, the projects we have completed are only part of the success story.

A working atmosphere that is noticed and appreciated by our customers

Of great value to us is our team of employees, as it is their participation and the heart they put into what we do together that guarantees our clients not only effective cooperation at every stage of the order, but also exceptional attention to detail and precision in the execution of projects.

Our crew is constantly growing, allowing us to take on more and more assignments.

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