Meet our team!

Sound Sew is not only needles, threads, fabrics, machines and linings, it is first and foremost people, thanks to whom every project is made with passion and commitment.

Our work is based on cooperation, creative thinking, a friendly atmosphere and mutual support, so that we can enjoy every execution and work with pleasure every day for our mutual success.

Our team is not afraid of challenges, on the contrary, we love everything new and are constantly working to develop our sewing room so that we can surprise the world with our designs and share our passion every step of the way.

Pracownicy szwalni Soundsew, kobiety siedzące na schodach
Team – Sound Sew

Every sewing room is like an organism that, above all, needs a beating heart to function. Our heart is precisely our employees, who are committed every day to projects and to working with clients and who make Sound Sew work at top speed and complete every order on time.

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