Designing, constructing and sewing.


Every product starts with a design.

But how do we make the end result equal to our clients' vision?

Because we create the product from scratch, we ensure that the dimensions, cuts and templates are as intended. We therefore have an overview of all stages of the product’s creation and the possibility of modifying it and correcting any errors.

We also collect measurements directly at the client’s site if required. When designing, we make drawings and sketches and help select accessories and materials.

Design and calibration

We produce designs both on paper and in CAD.

In turn, the patterns are prepared until we have a result that satisfies the customer. We make sure that the form is flawless and ready for sewing.

Sewing and cutting room

At the sewing room, the heart of Sound Sew, we specialise in sewing both smaller and multi-piece commissions.

Thanks to the machine facilities we have, we cut and sew both our own designs and constructions according to the design received from the customer.

We are well aware of the importance of every stage of production, starting with the pattern, material selection, lagging, right through to sewing, as the final result depends on it. Having our own cutting room guarantees constant control over every stage of the project. We specialise in sewing short clothing series, such as shirts, blouses, tunics, dresses medical aprons and accessories: bags, pouches, wallets and curtains. We also undertake non-standard orders, such as hemming headliners for dome tents and projection screens from 150 m² to 700 m² in size. More recently, we have also taken on orders using washpaper and eco leather. Thanks to our cooperation with large cutting companies, we carry out projects where very large formats, up to 16 mb, need to be hemmed.

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