What equipment do we use?

How do we sew at Sound Sew?

Our company is all about the quality of the projects we make, which is why not only our talented female employees work on each project, but also our professional machine facilities. When the idea turns into a design and the design into a finished prototype, it is time to start sewing a trial batch and start serial sewing, during which the right tools are needed.

What equipment do we use?

The most important part of every sewing room’s facilities are the lockstitches, which ensure that all stitches remain straight and durable. For sewing lightweight materials with large surfaces, we use a long-arm, single-needle lockstitch machine with a puller, which has automatic functions to streamline the sewing process.

For heavy materials, on the other hand, we use a specialised KRAFT KF-206H-L18-7 lockstitch machine with an extended arm, which allows us to make designs in leather and other unusual materials. The machine can perform up to 2,000 stitches per minute and is equipped with automatic functions.

Sewing machine
Sewing machine – Siruba

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